Thank you for the Gift of Education!

There are now over 300 children who are in school and receiving an education thanks to your support and generosity. They are saying, ‘Murakoze cane’ in Kirundi, which means ‘Thank you very much’!

Together with the children and their families, we also want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for providing them with the uniforms and school kits which have enabled them to attend school this year, many for the first time ever. It’s a life-changing opportunity they never thought they would have. 

Children Ready to go to School

One of our supporters, Terri, an ex-Head Teacher from the UK, together with some of her friends, set about raising funds to give some of the poorest children in Burundi the Gift of Education by doing the White Horse Challenge.

White Horse Walkers

They raised over £6000 which is just staggering and has now given these children the chance to attend school and the opportunity to get an education. It’s brought fresh hope for the future and the possibility to access jobs they’d previously not even dreamed about. 

If you, like Terri, would like to arrange a fund-raising event please contact us here.

Sadly, in Burundi, among the families we’re supporting, who are among the poorest of the poor, education is a luxury and although primary education is largely free in Burundi, children can’t attend unless they have a uniform and the necessary books and stationery for their age. With parents already struggling to provide food and shelter, and often already having to decide between the two, they simply don’t have the means to send their children to school. It’s way beyond what they can afford, even though the average cost of the kit and uniform is just £30 per child, and that’s for a whole year. 

Thank you for your generosity which is already making such a difference to our young friends and their families. In the years to come, it has the potential to help them break free from the cycle of poverty. In the community where these children are living over 80% of the adults are illiterate and never dreamed that things could be different for their children, but they are. You have given them hope and a future. Thank you!

You can help more children attend school by donating today…

  • £10 can provide a child with a school uniform and shoes.
  • £30 can buy a primary-aged child a uniform, shoes and the necessary kit (e.g. stationery, exercise and texts book) to enable them to attend school for a year.
  • £50 can pay for a secondary-aged pupil to attend school for a year, covering uniform, the required school kit and school fees.