Our Activities

We are always amazed and inspired by our Burundian friends. They show such courage and resilience in the midst of such extreme challenges and hardships. 

Here are some of their stories of hope and ways you can help make a difference.

Farming & Enterprise

We truly believe that the changes that will come as a result of families implementing Foundations for Farming are not only life-changing for the those who directly benefit, but will impact whole communities.

Children & Families

In the communities we are working with, hundreds of families are among the poorest of the poor. Through no fault of their own, they are living in abject poverty. One of the ways to break the cycle of poverty is for the children to have the gift of education, leading to more choices in life; more opportunities and an increased chance of getting the better paid jobs when they are older.

Crisis Support

  1. Porridge – special nutrient-rich porridge with added vitamins and minerals that we try and give to our most vulnerable children. £5 buys enough for one child for a month.
  2. Milk – to provide a child with a cup of full-fat milk every weekday for a month is £10. We try to provide 200 children with milk as a vital source of nutrition.
  3. Food for families in crisis – £30 can help a family with food for a month.
  4. Shelter – £20 will rent a family a basic 2-roomed house with a lockable door for a month.
  5. Education – £30 will buy a primary child school uniform, shoes and a school kit (stationery, exercise and textbooks) which will enable them to attend school for a year. Without these, they can’t go. £50 for a secondary student.
  6. Medical care – any amount contributes to the provision of medical care, which is otherwise out of reach for our families.
    We regularly help with expenses to treat malaria and typhoid, as well as many other medical needs, including hospital stays and surgery. Many lives are saved as a result. 
  7. £50 will rent a small plot of land 39m x 16m, the size needed to grow enough food to feed a family of 6 for a whole year when implementing Foundations for Farming, which we have been teaching to over 200 families in our community.

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