Gifts That Make a Difference

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or loved one,  we have a range of alternative gifts available, starting from just £5. Each and every one will make a real difference in the lives of the poor and vulnerable in Burundi.

When you donate to purchase your chosen gift, you’ll be sent an email, (please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive the email in your in-box) and be able to download a PDF gift certificate which you can print off and give to your loved one so that they know what your gift to them has bought and the amazing difference it will make to someone in Burundi.

If you wish to purchase a single gift or several of the same gift, please click on the thumbnail below.  If you wish to purchase a variety of different gifts please click here.

What Your Certificate Will Look Like...

Gifts of Compassion for Basic Needs

Gifts of Compassion helps vulnerable children and families in crisis with their basic needs for survival, including food, shelter, and medical care.

Child at Secondary School in Burundi

The Gift of Porridge

Your £5 gift will buy a malnourished child porridge flour so they can benefit from a nutritious breakfast for a month. The porridge is enriched with nutrients and is vitally important for children who are living in poverty.  Often they will only eat once a day and sometimes not even that, leading to malnutrition, poor health and development.

Milk transforms a child's life

The Gift of Milk for a Child

Your gift of £10 will provide a malnourished or undernourished child with a cup of full-fat, highly nutritious milk every weekday for a whole month. This excellent source of protein is vital and makes a significant difference to their health, development and general well-being.

They absolutely love it!

Primary school child in Burundi

The Gift of Medical Care

Your £15 gift will help alleviate suffering by providing urgent and often life-saving medical care and treatment to those living in abject poverty. In Burundi, most medical care must be paid for. Even seeing a doctor is beyond what the poor can afford, leaving them extremely vulnerable when they become ill. This gift really can help save lives.

Children at Primary School in Burundi

The Gift of Shelter for a Vulnerable Family

Your £20 gift will help a family in crisis by providing shelter for them. For the families we support who are living in extreme poverty, even renting just a single room made of mud is beyond what they can afford.

Your gift will help them with rent, giving them a basic but safe place to stay for a month. Your gift will make an enormous difference.

Child at Secondary School in Burundi

The Gift to Feed a Vulnerable Family

Your £60 gift will help feed a family for a month. Burundi does not produce enough food to sustain its population, leading to high rates of malnutrition and poor health.

Food prices have almost doubled recently, and for the poor, even when they work every day, they still can’t earn enough to afford even one meal a day. Your gift provides a family with a main meal every day for a month.

Gifts of Compassion for Farming

Gifts of Compassion for farming offer a way out of poverty, helping people learn how they can sustainably feed their families by learning Foundations for Farming (FfF).

Foundation for Farming Gifts:

Children at Primary School in Burundi

The Gift to Fund a Farmer, Feed a Family

Your £25 gift will buy seeds and the equipment a farmer needs to feed their family for an entire year when implementing Foundations for Farming

This way of farming results in far greater yields than conventional farming methods. It’s transformational for those who are dependent on what they grow for their survival. This gift not only results in food for a whole family but gives dignity and hope for a better future free from the gift of poverty.

Child at Secondary School in Burundi

The Gift of Land for a Farmer

Your £50 gift covers the rent of a Pfumvudza plot for a family for a year.  A Pfumvudza plot is 16m x 39m and is the exact size a farmer needs to be able to grow enough food to feed their family for an entire year when implementing Foundations for Farming.

They can also gain an income from the sale of surplus crops and still have enough seed to plant the following year, making this a long-term solution and bringing hope for a life free from poverty.                 

*Disclaimer: In the unlikely event that we have more Porridge gifts purchased than are needed, your donation will go towards other crisis needs.

If you have any queries about our alternative gifts, you can get in touch with us by clicking here.