Bringing hope
of lasting change
to the poor and

What we do…

Our primary focus is working with hundreds of families from a large destitute community in Burundi, to lift them out of poverty and empower them towards self-sufficiency. With lessons learned we have now started to extend our activities to other communities across the nation.


Foundations for Farming

We are supporting around 200 vulnerable families, who are among the poorest of the poor. We have been teaching them how to feed themselves and become food secure by training them in Foundations for Farming, which results in greatly increased yields (6 x the national average). To help alleviate poverty and eradicate hunger across Burundi, we are now offering this training to many others across the nation.


We provide uniforms, shoes, books and stationery to enable hundreds of primary school children to attend school. We also work with parents, helping them to support their children in their schooling.

Crisis Support

We seek to ‘be there’ for people and to help where possible with food, clothing and shelter for homeless families. We also support families by helping them to start up a small business, so giving them an income and in other crisis situations they may face, such as bereavement.

Health and Nutrition

We provide food to families in crisis, plus milk and a special nutrient-rich porridge for malnourished children and nursing mothers, and to those who are unwell. We also assist with the cost of medical care and emergency treatment.

Children and Families

We regularly visit the families in the communities we’re working in, building relationships and supporting them as appropriate. This involves offering guidance, encouraging hard work, faithfulness, and sometimes giving practical support too. Many are malnourished and greatly benefit from the milk we supply, as well as porridge and formula milk for babies, where needed.

Kingdom Care

We offer a point of contact and pastoral support for people who need help with many issues such as relational breakdowns, debt, domestic violence and abuse.

Our impact in numbers:


People trained in
Foundations for Farming


Children receiving regular
milk and nutrition


School uniforms and kits given to children
so they can attend school


Vulnerable children and adults provided with urgent medical care in the past 12 months

Our Activities

We are always amazed and inspired by our Burundian friends. They show such courage and resilience in the midst of such extreme challenges and hardships. Read some of the stories of hope here…

We work with and through churches, with the aim of bringing hope of lasting change to the poor and marginalised.