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Hope for Tomorrow Global is a UK registered charity currently working in Burundi, East Africa. 

We are dedicated to alleviating poverty by supporting those who are in crisis, while working with them towards long term, sustainable solutions. 

We are committed to working closely with those we’re seeking to serve and support and are eager to offer opportunities which empower and which restore hope and dignity. 

We’re a Christian charity, but we serve and support those of any or no faith. We operate by partnering with and through churches, in particular City Gate Church based in Bujumbura. 


  • Bring hope of lasting change to the poor and marginalised 

  • See the poor and vulnerable given dignity and be empowered to help bring change and transformation in their own communities and nations

The Charity

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Our Aims

  • To express our Christian faith by practically demonstrating the love and Father-heart of God to all people regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.
  • To alleviate poverty among the poorest and most vulnerable by providing opportunities that empower them and offer long-term solutions, rather than creating dependency.
  • To invest in opportunities and initiatives which have the potential to lead to long-term sustainable community development and transformation.
  • To advocate for the poor and speak up on behalf of those who have no voice.
  • To see the poor valued, treated with respect and given the dignity they deserve.
  • To encourage and enable resources to be used and shared effectively to help communities develop.
  • To equip and mobilise people, recognising that money isn’t always the answer to poverty and that sharing knowledge and passing on skills and expertise are often keys to change and transformation.

How We Work

  • We’re committed to building strong relationships with our partners and the communities they are working in.
    • We aim to achieve this by creating genuine friendships with those we work with and support.
    • We work closely with those we support, working towards common goals, with a joint sense of ownership.
  • We believe that on the ground involvement and the opportunity to get to know those we are support helps us to understand their context more fully and is hugely beneficial.
    • Our founder, Donna Bloomfield, lives in Burundi for a large proportion of the year. She is heavily involved in all the activities and initiatives Hope for Tomorrow Global supports.
    • Donna spends time regularly with those we are serving and supporting which helps to give her a greater understanding of the issues, circumstances and the needs our friends face and the opportunities available to them.
    • Several of our trustees have visited Burundi, as have many others from the churches we are working with and who support us.
  • We are constantly monitoring and reviewing how we work to serve the communities we support as effectively as we can.

Our Values

  • Relationship. We highly value getting to know those we are seeking to serve and support.
  • Trust. We want to form genuine working relationships, where trust is built, where everyone can be open and honest, and where we can learn from one another.
  • Humility. We never want to dictate or impose.
  • Partnership. Our desire is to stand with our friends in the challenges they face and help them achieve their goals and dreams. They usually know better than we ever could what’s needed and what will work best in their context.
  • Faithfulness. We believe it’s really important to be committed to the individuals and communities we are serving for the long haul. We aim to stand with those we are serving and to work alongside them faithfully, keeping our shared goals and aims in sight.
  • Dignity. Our intention is that we always treat people with respect and in a way which demonstrates we value them.
  • Support. We believe that a large part of Hope for Tomorrow Global’s role is to support and resource where we can. Sometimes this involves giving finance to meet specific needs, especially in crisis situations, but more often than not, it’s about…
  • Empowerment. We recognise that poverty isn’t merely a lack of money but a lack of choice and opportunity. We believe we have a role to play in providing and facilitating access to opportunities which empower and give dignity.
  • Sustainability. We recognise that empowering opportunities have an ongoing, lasting impact. They give people choices which can help break the cycle of poverty and dependency, and play an important part in seeing genuine, lasting transformation.
  • Transformation. We long to see those we’re serving have the value and dignity they deserve. We believe that by supporting them in ways which equip, enable and empower, they will be able to be at the forefront of change in their own communities, and even across their nation.

The Trustees

Donna Bloomfield, Founder & Trustee

Trained as a primary school teacher, Donna first moved to Burundi in 1999 to set up the Kings Primary School to provide orphaned children with a quality education. 

In 2002 she returned to the UK to develop Life Change Teams with the Newfrontiers family of churches and then worked with the Foundations for Farming team in Zimbabwe. 

Donna went back to Burundi in 2010 and now lives there. She is passionate about seeing people freed from the grip of poverty and fulfilling their God-given potential with dignity and hope.


Nigel Ring, Trustee

Originally trained as a professional engineer Nigel served the Newfrontiers family of churches for over 30 years in an administrative capacity. In 2000 God called him also to reach out to the poor and help Newfrontiers churches in many nations develop their ministries. He has chaired boards of trustees of over 40 years.

Valérie Poirot-Morgan, Trustee

Valérie is a native French speaker who now lives in London with her family. She is a teacher and has lived and taught languages in the UK for almost 30 years. She lived in South Africa for 20 months where she worked for a local charity. Valérie has also served as a trustee for a charity working in Zambia.

Jerry Thornton, Trustee

Jerry Thornton is a chartered Building Surveyor and Building Engineer with extensive knowledge of building construction and project management, and a particular interest in historic and listed buildings. He has also acted as an expert witness in many construction legal cases. Jerry has a special interest in East Africa having spent time in Uganda, Rwanda and other neighbouring countries. He shares his passion for Africa with his wife Julia.

Callum Lympany, Trustee

With experience in the area of financial crime risk management, particularly in the areas of anti-bribery and corruption and anti-money laundering, Callum is the Financial Controller for HFTG. Since 2017, Callum has been working for a church with close links to the work in Burundi, overseeing finance, compliance, and communications.

The Nation

Burundi in numbers

  • Population — 13.2m1
  • Urban/Rural populations — 15%/85%1
  • Ethnicity: Hutu 85%, Tutsi 14%, Batois (‘Pygmy’) 1%3
  • Life expectancy 63.3 years4
  • Median age— 16.2 years4
  • Poverty level 185/187 nations2
  • Child malnutrition (under 5) 54%2
  • Mean years of schooling 3.32
  • GDP per head $7085


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