Fund a Farmer, Feed a Nation!

Funding a farmer can make a life-changing difference to poor and vulnerable families in just a matter of months by enabling them to learn and implement Foundations for Farming, a way of farming which results in significantly higher yields than conventional farming methods.

It’s proving to be an absolute game-changer in Burundi, one of the world’s poorest and hungriest nations, where over 85% of the population are trying to live off the land, yet are unable to grow enough to sustain themselves.


On the outskirts of Bujumbura, Foundations for Farming is making a staggering difference to hundreds of lives, including Emelyne, who recently harvested 100kg of maize in a season. Before she started implementing Foundations for Farming she used to get just 5kg a season from the same piece of land. This phenomenal increase means she can now feed her family and she even has surplus to give away to others and to sell. With food and a small income too, her circumstances have dramatically improved.


In a nation which has suffered so greatly from famine and starvation and where rates of malnutrition are among the worst in the world, it’s not difficult to understand why we are so committed to helping more families have access to this life-changing training right across the nation.

FfF training sessions

We are eager to help as many families as possible to have the same opportunity to train in Foundations for Farming.  If they then implement it faithfully, just like Emelyne, they will also experience similar increases in yields and with hope for a brighter future. 

Training in our building

On our training sites, new trainees are consistently harvesting an average of 6 tonnes of maize per hectare; which is 6 times the average national yield of maize, a staple food in Burundi. It’s the difference between being able to feed six tummies rather than just one, or six members of a family, rather than six people having to share just one portion.

Above: A high-yield harvest
Below: Children eating maize

But the good news doesn’t end there! The environmental benefits are enormous too. Foundations for Farming cares for the land and soil, so rather than degrading the soil, it improves year on year. The longer it’s implemented, the greater the yields will be. 


Typically a small scale farmer will be able to feed themselves and their families, gain an income from their surplus crops and have enough to give away! Foundations for Farming has the potential not only to lift families out of poverty but can help eradicate hunger across the nation, changing the quality of life for millions.

Could you help a family in poverty by funding them to start learning Foundations for Farming?

  • £25 a month can fund a farmer to be trained in Foundations for Farming for a year.
  • A one-off donation of £50 can rent a piece of land 16m x 39m, known as a Pfumvudza plot, which is the size needed to feed a family of 6 for a year.
  • A one-off donation of £120 can provide a trained farmer with a ‘Pfumvudza Pack’ containing all the seeds and equipment needed to get started. Your donation will also cover the rent of a pfumvudza plot.