Our Vision

The vision of Hope for Tomorrow Global is to:

  1. Bring hope of lasting change to the poor and broken-hearted around the world
  2. See the poor and vulnerable given dignity and empowered to help bring change and transformation in their own communities and nations

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We aim to:

  1. Express our Christian faith and practically demonstrate the love and Father heart of God to all people regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.
  2. Play a part in seeing the Kingdom of God extended. We believe that that evidence of this includes changed lives, care of the poor and vulnerable, community development and transformation, poverty alleviation, speaking up on behalf of those who have no voice, justice and the disempowered being empowered!
  3. See the poor and marginalised ‘lifted up’, valued and gain dignity
  4. Encourage and enable resources to be used and shared effectively for the purposes of God globally e.g. finance, people’s time, knowledge, skills, expertise etc.

How do we work?

We place a high value on working closely with individuals and communities and always seek to serve and support rather than to dictate or impose Western ideals. We therefore work hard at building strong relationships so that we are genuinely working together, rather than merely setting out to meet a need. You’ll notice that we often to refer to those we work with as ‘our friends’ and this is because they genuinely are!

We aren’t aiming to do ‘good works’ that make us feel good, but rather our heart is to stand with our friends in the challenges they face and help them achieve their goals and dreams. They usually know what’s needed and what will work best in their context far better than we do!  Often, the biggest issue is the lack of the opportunity or means to make it happen and that’s where we believe we can help. Poverty isn’t merely a lack of money but a lack of choice and opportunity.

We therefore believe that a large part of Hope for Tomorrow Global’s role is to enable, to facilitate and to support and resource where we can. Sometimes this involves giving finance directly, especially in crisis situations, but more often than not it’s about helping to create opportunities that give choices – like education and training, or business coaching and mentoring. These opportunities have an ongoing, lasting impact and play a part in seeing genuine, lasting transformation.

Our founder, Donna Bloomfield, is now based in Burundi, where the main focus of our support is at the moment. This means she is regularly spending time with our many friends there, so gaining a real insight and a deeper understanding of the issues and circumstances, the needs and opportunities. She is able to see first-hand the successes and is able to monitor the effectiveness or our involvement and work with our friends, so that adjustments, where necessary.

Several of our other trustees have also visited Burundi, as have many others from the churches we are working with. We really believes this helps us to be more effective in serving our friends and in seeing long-lasting change.

About Hope For Tomorrow Global