News Flash – Friesian Cows Arrive in Burundi!

Friesian Cows Arriving

Fifteen new Friesian cows arrived in the village of Ryarusera, Burundi recently, imported from Tanzania, some purchased by Hope for Tomorrow Global, thanks to many generous donations and fundraising initiatives.

These cows will help to change the lives of the families who receive them, so it’s little wonder there was such excitement in Ryarusera when word got out that the cows were on their way. A crowd gathered, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the truck. Finally, after the new cow owners had been reminded again about how to care for their new arrivals, it was time for each family to ‘find’ their cow. After the cows had been let off the truck and had had a good drink and munch on the grass, numbers were given out randomly which matched the tags on the cows ears and ‘the chase’ began!

The chase is a fun event where the new owner finds their cow amongst the grazing cattle and ties it up to take it home – not quite as easy as it sounds! There is such a sense of celebration as cows meet owners and head back to their small homesteads. For the new owners, the cows represent hope of change. Life will be very diffent from now on!

All the cows we import are in good health and arrive pregnant – a great way of doubling the benefits of these ‘udderly amazing‘ creatures! A vet is paid to visit the animals regularly to check on them and can also be called out if they become unwell, of it assistance is needed when they give birth. The number of cows in Rsaryusera now stands at over 400 and a breeding programme is underway.

There is a change in atmosphere in the area now as people can see there is a way  out of poverty. These cows provide a way for dignity to be restored. In a recent famine in the area, the only families who didn’t need assistance were those with friesian cows. This was a powerful demonstration of the benefits of these friesian cows and has increased the desire of other families to have one. There is now a long waiting list!

If you would like to help a family buy a cow or get involved in fundraising, click here for more details.