Small Change Makes a Big Change!

Milk Carton Competition

We’re inviting children everywhere to join in our ‘Small Change Makes a Big Change’ campaign, run jointly with the Changing Lives Worldwide charity. You can make a real difference in Burundi simply by collecting your small change and popping into an empty milk carton until it’s full. Then count up all those little coins and send what you have saved to us, to help your small change make a big change to a family in Burundi.

Did you know that when a family in Burundi owns a Friesian cow and sells its milk, it can change their lives?

Many children in Burundi don’t have enough to eat and become seriously ill due to poor nutrition. Their parents just don’t have the money needed to buy food and so sometimes children don’t eat at all. Often if they do get to eat, many only have one meal all day – and no snacks either. Just imagine that! Some children actually die because they don’t have enough to eat. It’s terrible, but there is a way to help.

Small Change Makes a Big Change is a way to buy a Friesian cow for a family in Burundi. Once a family owns one of these ‘good’ cows, the income they get from selling the milk literally is life-changing. The good cows give 10 – 15 litres of milk a day, compared with an average of just 1 litre a day from the traditional long-horned cows.

The whole family benefits. First – everyone gets milk to drink every day, which is a great source of nutrition. Then the profit made from selling the surplus milk means the families can afford to buy extra food, clothes, pay for school fees and even pay for medical care if they need it. And because the cows are kept in a pen, no-one has to waste time following them around; instead children can go to school, while their mums and dads can tend their farm. They even have a ready supply of fresh manure to improve crop yields!

If you would like to help more kids in Burundi get cows, why not join in with our Small Change Makes a Big Change campaign?

Small Change Makes a Big Change is really simple

  1. Save an old milk carton
  2. Wash it out and then use it to put all your small change in, like 1p and 2p coins (higher value ones too, if you want to!)
  3. When your milk carton is full – send the money to us and we’ll use it to buy a cow which will be given to a family in Burundi – A 1 litre milk carton will hold about £5 when it’s full of 1p and 2p coins. If 140 people join in, we’ll soon have enough to buy a cow!

You could also help by telling other people about Small Change Makes a Big Change so they can join in.