Keeping the Milk Flowing in Burundi!

We have good news!


The last year has been an extremely challenging for the nation of Burundi and this has impacted the Milk for Transformation enterprise which we have heavily supported by providing equipment and cows.  It’s therefore great to be able to share the good news that Milk for Transformation is still running and now finally has a new premises to operate from, meaning fresh, pasteurised milk can be provided to hundreds of children and vulnerable people across the city of Bujumbura. Without it, they would almost certainly be severely malnourished. For some, it’s their only source of nutrition each day.

Keeping the milk flowing in the midst of the current crisis in Burundi, which has now been raging on for over 12 months, has been close to impossible at times. Yet, in the context of daily killings and over 250,000 Burundians having fled as refugees, the enterprise has continued to process around 750 litres of milk each and every day.  This is testimony to the commitment and perseverance of the team on the ground, who have risked their own safety and security at times to ensure that milk is collected from the cow owners in the rural area of Ryarusera, is taken to the city for processing and is then delivered to the most vulnerable.


Burundi’s economy has suffered badly in the past year and this has inevitably impacted milk sales. Quite simply, even though milk was being sold at the lowest price possible, the vast majority of people could not afford this ‘luxury’.  Sales plummeted from around 750 litres a day to just a few litres most days and on some days there were no sales at all.

Not only was there the possibility of the milk being wasted, but it also meant the farmers who supplied the milk risked losing their income; that’s over 400 hundred families who could have been plunged right back into poverty.  Thankfully, for the past few months, Great Lakes Outreach, a charity committed to the transformation of Burundi, just like we are, made sure this wasn’t the case. GLO purchased the milk so that the farmers were still paid for supplying their milk. The milk was then distributed daily to those who needed it most, including street kids, those sick and in hospital and to the children in the camp where Hope for Tomorrow Global has been involved for the past two years. We have also contributed towards this, recognising that the daily provision of milk is literally saving these young lives.

We look forward to the day when Milk for Transformation can become a sustainable business again but, for as long as the crisis in Burundi continues, we want to continue to support this incredible enterprise and see literally thousands benefit for this live-saving drink!

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